Orbital Proconsult Engineering Services Limited offers an extensive range of premium professional services designed to meet the growing and changing needs of the oil and gas industry.

Technical Manpower Services

We specialize in Manpower Placement and Support which cuts across the oil and gas industry value chain, through exploration, asset development-drilling and reservoir management, production, including the development of production facilities, refining, primary distribution and terminalling.

We are able to supply multi-discipline project teams cutting across all these areas depending on the phase of client projects. We guarantee rapid turnaround time, from initial identification of Client's specific search need, to actual placement of contractors on the work site.

Beyond hiring and placement of personnel, we provide cost effective support services such as administrative and other forms of logistic support which helps to optimize the overall cost of personnel to client projects, helping them to maintain the critical resourcing balance on projects at the very best prices.
  • Recruitment, covering manpower search and placement services
  • Payroll Management, covering timesheet handling, processing, transfers to personnel accounts, tax administration
  • Provision of Accommodation for personnel

Equipment Supply Services

We have expertise in the supply of oilfield safety equipments as shown below:
  • Valves and actuators
  • Hoses and fluid handling equipment
  • Pumps, parts and accessories
  • OCTG – casing, tubing, drill pipe
  • Pipe fittings and flanges
  • Pipe and Tubular Products
  • Fire protection equipment

Marine Support Services

We have expertise in the supply of oilfield safety equipments as shown below:
  • Supply, installation and maintenance of marine navigational & communication equipment
  • Offshore patrol boats
  • Supply of Mooring Equipment
  • Marine vessels supply and operation offshore, services. 

Inspection of Rigs and Platforms

Surveys, inspections, formulating preventative measures and solutions to remediate any apparent defects observed.

Special Transportation

  • Marine Vessels Supply and Operation
  • Tugs/Rov Support/Diving Support Vessels
  • Barges
  • Accommodation Platforms /Vessels
  • Supply Base /Warehouse /Storage Services.
  • Bulk Truck Transportation Services
  • Truck Package/ Product Transportation Services
  • Supply Vessels
  • Moving Vessels
  • Standby Vessels
  • Other Transportation / Supply and Disposal Services.

Calibration of Services

Oil and Gas measurement, calibration of petroleum storage tanks.
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